Jerome Sant’s work is characterized by a physical documentation of his expression with his hands and spirit. The artist started his creative period over 15 years ago. For his paintings he uses the techniques of oil painting, eitempera and water colors. He completes his work with sculptures made of stoneware and china by consequently transforming the motives and thoughts of his paintings into another medium.

His core motive is to send visible impulses to the observer. With the course of the beginning global change and its following changes in our lives, he wants to encourage every single person to interact with the self.

He creates art which contains a powerful gesture as well as strong element of movement. Big formats are characteristic for Jerome Sant`s work. He combines different layers with a deliberate visible and sometimes dominant brush pattern. This creates a light-flooded experience of his art. Like the times of changes. The game in his paintings is also ambivalent. Intuition and calculus as contrast are shown in a process of composition and symbolyses a bi-polarity of the world, the creatures and our being.

Born in Bremen in 1957, Jerome now lives near Hannover. His inspiration comes not only from his rich experiences as an artist, but also from the interaction with the people around him. Since he is open to all different cultures of the world, he includes all the diverse influences from the everyday life in his way of life.